Classes at The Boot

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local crossfit near zachary louisiana

We use a combination of movements from weightlifting, gymnastics, endurance, and mobility to ensure your workout is different every day.  We want you to be prepared for whatever life throws at you.  Our professional coaches will lead you through every step of your workout because, at The Boot, we want you training for life!

Silver Stars

local crossfit near zachary louisiana

Silver Stars is our specialty CrossFit program designed for ages 55+.  In this class, we focus on improving both longevity and quality of life.  We thoughtfully combine age-appropriate movements and intensity so you can see progress in strength, coordination, balance, and flexibility.  We laugh a lot, we dance a little and love each other more.

Boot Camp

local crossfit near zachary louisiana

Boot Camp is our month-long beginner's only fundamentals course.  These small class workouts will progressively teach you the movements we use most and how to scale them for your individual abilities.  We will also discuss practical nutrition and lifestyle choices that will complement your hard work in the gym.

crossfit bootcamp